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About Center For Human Care
Center for Human Care is a nonprofit organization that performs charity and philanthropic activities in different parts of Bangladesh. We assist poor, impoverished, and disadvantaged children in Bangladesh by performing several charityworks. We have been involved in providing education, shelter, food, and health services to several poor, orphan, and homeless children in Bangladesh.

Quality Education

Center for Human Care believes that education is a pillar for the overall well being and development of children. Children are the future of tomorrow, and they should be provided with proper education so that they can have a bright future.
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Organ Transplant

We provide organ transplant services to help poor and vulnerable people who are struggling to live a quality life due to an unhealthy body organ. We provide funds to poor people who need an organ transplant.
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Breast Cancer

We offer free diagnostics, medication, and care services to assist women who are suffering from Breast Cancer. We help women who cannot have access to the screening of cervical and breast cancer due to financial hardships.
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Quality Education

We provide all the necessary prerequisites that are needed for children to go to school. We keep children’s education on the top priority and invest our funds for the betterment of their education.
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Rcent Causes

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Quality Education

$4,500.00 to Go
We provide all the necessary prerequisites that are needed for children to go to school. We keep ...

Organ Transplant

$2,800.00 to Go
It cannot be possible for poor and low-income families to get an organ transplant done; therefore, we ...

Pure Water

$8,200.00 to Go
Many people in underdeveloped areas of Bangladesh have to suffer from a shortage of water. If people ...







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Our Mission & Vision

We are Here For You

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach as many as needy families and children we can get so that they can access our free support and assistance. To support and help needy people is our goal.

Our Vision

We have a vision to assist as much as poor and impoverished children and families we can through continuous efforts, interventions, and support services.

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