About Center for Human Care

Center for Human Care is a not-for-profit-organization that have been serving and assisting poor, impoverished and disadvantaged children and families in different underdeveloped parts of Bangladesh. Our charity and philanthropic activities involve providing shelter, food, clean drinking water, education, and health services to homeless, orphans, and vulnerable children and families.

We also provide vital funds to people who need an organ transplant, and we work on delivering clean drinking water for impoverished people. We offer free diagnostics, medication, and care services to assist women who are suffering from Breast Cancer. Women who cannot have access to the screening of cervical and breast cancer due to financial hardships are helped by us.


We support poor women in underdeveloped areas of Bangladesh who cannot access health facilities by offering them financial and emotional support to fight against Breast and Cervical Cancer. Center for Human Care has been established to assist poor and orphan children and families who live in underdeveloped areas of Bangladesh with basic needs such as food, education, shelter, and health services


Message from Mobarak Hossain



After navigating through our website, I hope you have gained many ideas on the mission and aim of our not-for-profit organization. I am pleased to invite you to our website and hope you will be delighted to see several charities works and projects that we have been running to help vulnerable people and children.

We are blessed to earn respect and support from different people, agencies, and donators who dedicate their time, assets, and funds to help needy people and children. Your support has provided us the courage to run several donations and charity programs successfully.

We try to bring positive change in people’s lives by working actively to assess the needs of vulnerable people and provide free services that can help to improve their quality of life.

I believe our small attempt can help hundreds of children and families to achieve quality and healthy life. I appreciate the hard work and dedication that our team and volunteers are putting together to assist needy children and families with several charity activities. Our charity works include assisting women who require diagnostics, medication and care for breast and cervical cancer. Other support services include providing funds for people who need organ transfer, delivering pure drinking water services and food, shelter, education, and health services to children and families who are impoverished and vulnerable. Let us walk together on this journey and help vulnerable children and families by supporting them, and let’s bring happiness in people’s lives.

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