Help Center For Human Care to run several charity activities by donating today. Your small help can bring happiness in the lives of thousands of children and families.

We can accomplish our mission only with your valuable support. Donate and save lives. Support poor children who need your love today by assisting them in any way you can. You can also be a part of our volunteering team and contribute. It is from your great support that we have been able to run several free services and charity works.

Quality Education

$4,500.00 to Go
We provide all the necessary prerequisites that are needed for children to go to school. We keep ...

Organ Transplant

$2,800.00 to Go
It cannot be possible for poor and low-income families to get an organ transplant done; therefore, we ...

Pure Water

$8,200.00 to Go
Many people in underdeveloped areas of Bangladesh have to suffer from a shortage of water. If people ...

Food for Orphan Children

$3,000.00 to Go
Children must eat nutritious food to improve their health, mind-function, and wellbeing. But many orphan children in ...

Breast Cancer

$4,800.00 to Go
We offer free diagnostics, medication, and care services to assist women who are suffering from Breast Cancer. ...